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Churches have long been a focal point in communities, both for worship and for the social needs of the community.  Those involved with the process of preserving St. John's Oratory continue to believe that this mission of St. Benedict's Abbey, classified as an oratory since the 1990s, is of historic and religious importance to Doniphan and the surrounding area.

All repairs have been paid for through donations.  The Friends of St. John's Oratory is grateful for the generous support of present and past members of the Doniphan community and all interested parties who believe as we that this is a worthwhile project.

Photos 2014 - 2022

Photos of St John's, taken in 2021 by Leah Johnson.

 2019 Annual Mass and Picnic

2018 Annual Mass and Picnic

2016 Clean-up and prep for the annual Mass and picnic.

(It seems to get a little easier each year!  Or, at least it doesn't take us as long!)

Removal of ceiling - 2015.

2014 Mass and Picnic.

Clean-up Day for the 2014 Mass and Picnic.

The Friends of St. John's Oratory celebrated 150 years of St. John's in Doniphan in 2017.  In 1967 there was a 100th Anniversary celebration.  Click here to view historical information about that celebration.

More historic photos of St. John's.



What a Difference Five Years Can Make!

During the last nine years a lot has been done to preserve this historic building:

  • Roof Replacement, Painting of Trim and Cross:

  • Removal of interior ceiling tiles and replacement of ceiling, along with paint scraping and repair of damaged wall plaster.  Original condition of ceiling tiles can be seen in photos farther down this page:

August 2014 - Ceiling tiles removed

  • Removal of carpeting around the altar:

Carpet removal was necessary due to damage from raccoons prior to roof replacement.  Scraping of walls and ceiling around the altar was completed in the  winter of  2016-2017.  Repair of damaged wood flooring (under plastic in lower left photo) has also been completed. (The damaged ceiling is also visible in the lower left photo.)


  • Restoration of damaged stained glass transom and choir loft windows, both by families/descendants of original donors:


  • As of Spring 2018, interior painting had been completed and the pews returned to the church.  The historic altar rail had been restored.  Thank you to the many volunteers from the community, and to the students of Benedictine College, who put in many hours during the winter and spring of 2016-2017 to work on this project!

In the Beginning...

Spring 2014.